Out in the Wild at Last

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Out in the Wild at Last

Post  capallini2 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:10 pm

Bandit a small mouse sat in his cage rolling his eyes as he heard the laughter of the Ally's, the family who owned him. But then he heard something like a Bark and he shook the cage bars. Tucker Ally came into the room bursting into laughter. He dragged his sister Belle Ally with a big furball on her face. It seemed to be, licking her? Bandit squinted his eyes getting a closer look. It had floppy ears, a wet black nose, a thin tail, and energy. That fit only one desciption. "Dog!" The word sent shivers down his spine. Bandit leapt to the back of his cage burrying himself in the ground. The dog leapt on Tucker knocking him on the bed. This was a nightmare.

Three days later the Allies were installing Truffles (the dogs) doggie door. The worker men spoke with a strange accent like the guy in the commercial that goes, "No Soup For You!" They did the job very quick suprisingly as Bandit scurried over, blending in with the vent. The vent ruffled his strange blue gray fur as the mouse puffed out his chest in bravery. Tucker and Belle scooped Truffle up and took him to their room as Mr. and Mrs.Ally went into the kitchen. "Now is my chance!" Bandit whispered. Then he lept out the doggie door, into the wild.

Bandit ran under the Ally's porch to hide. He stayed there until the coast was surely clear. He had heard that wild bears and cats and badgers lived out here. The mouse wouldn't want to take a chance. He climbed out from under the porch and spotted a hollow log. He soon scuddled over to it and jumped inside taking shelter. He blocked the ends with rocks getting some nearby leaves before closing in for the night. He made a small nest with the leaves he had and curled up for a nights rest. But soon after his stomach growled, reminding him the Ally's forgot to feed him. He picked up a pebble on the end of the log and peeked through the hole. There was a patch of purple berries out the door so Bandit stuck his arm out grabbing a pawful. He munched happily on the berries as the juice sprouted in his mouth. The happy mouse curled back up in his bed licking the purple berry juice off his lips. "I guess i'll name those berries, Sprout berries," he whispered to himself. Then he fell into a deep sleep.


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