The Ranks of the Site

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The Ranks of the Site

Post  Moonmist/Tart on Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:18 pm

Here are the ranks which you can go through:
Learner: You are learning to be something greater
All-Around Counselor: Helps people with all issues
Person-Counselor: Helps people with issues-specializes in people issues
Other-Counselor: Helps with issues-specializes with issues of someone/thing's beliefs, actions, etc.
Happy-Spreader: Spreads good feeling and good attitude in many ways-know some counseling
Peace-Makers: Spreads calmness, peace, and stops violence and unrest in its tracks in good ways.

GHA Council Members: On a council with other people who help run the site. Make decisions, changes, etc. nicely and efficiently. We take people from all jobs, except Learner, and let them speak up in Council Topics
---They can still counsel/mentor in the topic they learned in

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